Setting an environment variable for all your apps

In the New World Order, Linux apps should all store their user-specific data according to the FreeDesktop Base Directory specification, which in practice means that config details for myapp end up in $HOME/.config/myapp. All well and good. However, I don’t like having configuration stored in dotfiles; I like to be able to get at it more easily, so I want it in $HOME/Settings. The XDG spec provides for this: you set an environment variable XDG_CONFIG_HOME (which defaults to $HOME/.config) and then everything uses it. Great! But…where do I set this variable so that all the apps get it? Some suggestions:

  • $HOME/.bashrc, $HOME/.bash_profile, $HOME/.profile — as far as I can tell, these aren’t run as part of the login process, so they’re no good. They get run when you start bash, which means when you first fire up a terminal.
  • $HOME/.gnomerc — gets run by gdm. Might be a Debianism, and doesn’t work if I change away from gdm a few months from now
  • $HOME/.xinitrc, $HOME/.xsession — get run if you’re in X but not if you’re running over SSH, and .xsession is a Debianism
  • /etc/xdg/user-dirs.conf — this will change it for all users on the machine, not just me
  • Something in PAM. Perhaps. It’s not clear what, though.
  • A file of my choice, which I then source from all of the above places. This is doable but seems stupid to me, and I’m bound to miss something.
  • Something else. This is where you come in; where am I meant to set the environment so that everything gets access to it?

Answers on a postcard…

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