HTML5 video element about to land in Firefox 3.1

Firefox 3.1 is about to support the HTML5 video element, and Opera already does. This means that both those browsers will have support for inline video in the browser without plugins. As usual, Internet Explorer lag behind, and sadly Safari does as well — they’re fast at implementing lots of stuff over at the WebKit team, but Apple don’t like easy video that isn’t in a patented format, so the Safari video support only plays stuff that QuickTime can do. Hopefully both corporate browsers will come around, or perhaps the WebKit team can add \<video> support for Ogg Theora and then the Safari team can take it back out again if they need to — since Epiphany, the Gnome browser, is going to be WebKit, it would be great to have native video support in WebKit. (Do the WebKit Gtk hackers have commit access to the WebKit source in order to add this, I wonder?) I’ve just pinged the people — since they already support Ogg Theora (via Fluendo’s Cortado Java applet), they should be able to add \<video> support pretty easily. (Just wrap \<video src=”/video/play/12345”>…\</video> around the existing player, so browsers with HTML5 support will play the video inline and others will fall back to the current player.) Nice one Opera and Firefox teams!

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