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New site design. Those of you who didn’t like the pink one (i.e., everyone) may not like this either. Once again my lack of design skill runs amok. On the other hand, now I can pretend that it’s minimalism rather than that I have the artistic ability of a rubber mallet. Of course, as with all things, Mark was there first and with greater gusto, but if that was enough of a reason to stop people doing stuff then there’d be no internet. Feel free to let me know if anything doesn’t work in Firefox or Opera or Safari. (It’s tested in FF3, Opera 9.5, and Midori, but only pretty briefly.) I can’t test in IE7 because IEs4Linux doesn’t properly run it yet* and it looked sort of OK in IE6, and that’ll do me, I think. This is graded browser support in the real world, meaning that my browser is Grade A and everything else is some letter in the Greek alphabet like omicron. Actually, that should be “such as omicron”, there. Tom once told me that he didn’t like the TV programme “People Like Us” because it should have been called People Such As Us. Grammar is important, especially if you’re running an anti-child abuse campaign. Speaking of such esoteric matters, it seems that Firefox supports the soft hyphen ­ these days. Which­is­really­great­if­it­actually­works­and­well­done­the­Mozilla­team­only­five­years­later. Typography is important, too, but I don’t understand that, Richard Rutter notwithstanding. On the other hand, I have now used line-height for the first time ever. Eric Meyer, watch out. It’s Friday night. Time for a pint.

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