Browser version icons

Ian Lloyd’s released, a set of icons for popular web browsers branded with the version number. This is useful for those of us who have fifteen web browsers installed at different versions for web testing.


It’s a resource for Mac people — the icons are in .icns format, which is some Mac-specific thing — but I thought it’d be useful for Linux people too. So, I converted all the icns icons to PNG, using icns2png* and Ian kindly added those icons to the download pages. I’ve also done a brief screencast of how to change your browser icons to use different ones — be gentle with me, it’s my first screencast. Good work, Ian. Let’s see more of that. (Oh, and if you get a chance to produce icons for versions of IE greater than 5.2, that’d be handy too.) (oh, strangely, there is an open bug for Gtk support for .icns format, and apparently Bastien committed the fix to trunk last November (so it should be there in my Gnome 2.22.2, right?), but you can’t set a .icns file as an icon for a .desktop file/launcher. Not sure whether that’s because I don’t have the patch or because the patch doesn’t do that; if someone can tell me, I’ll file another bug.)

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