LugRadio Live UK 2008 is coming

I’ve just released episode 20 of season 5 of LugRadio, which is always a fun process (remind me to write about the actual release process for these things at some point; after over a hundred shows I’m starting to nail down precisely how to publish a show in four formats and to ten mirrors with the minimum of effort!). It was a pretty fun show to record, and recording it reminded me that I haven’t written much about this year’s LugRadio Live UK. Now, there are going to be some of you reading this who already listen to LugRadio and who therefore know about it: this post is for the rest of you (well, mainly those of you in the UK or in close-ish parts of Europe). If you do know about LugRadio Live UK already, then you should go and digg it and post one of the LRL UK buttons to your blog. If not…read on! Basically, it’s gonna be brilliant. This is the fourth year of LugRadio Live in the UK — we did the live event in the US as well for the first time in April this year, and it was pretty damned cool — and we’re really looking forward to it. It’s always a jolly good laugh putting together LRL; looking through people’s speaker submissions (if you submitted a paper, I’ll be sending you details of when you’re speaking or whether you weren’t accepted in the next few days, I promise), thinking up cool stuff to do, and planning the live show. This year, I’m really looking forward to seeing the speaker lineup — we’ve got some ultra-cool people talking about technology and culture and open source, and we’ve got some ultra-cool people exhibiting their projects and their products and their companies as well. The thing that really gets me about LRL every year is the vibe — we got described as a “rock conference” a couple of years ago, and it really summed up the feel of the whole event for me. It’s about having a laugh. We originally set up LugRadio Live because the fun bit at all the other conferences was the evening when you hung out with a bunch of cool people and had a beer and chatted about everything — our thought was, why can’t we just take that feeling, that experience, and make a whole weekend out of it? And lo and behold, that’s what we’ve done for four years now, which I’m really quite proud of! Enough of why you should come and of back-slapping. How can you be part of LRL? It’s in Wolverhampton on Saturday the 19th and Sunday 20th July (see the travel info for how to get to the venue). We’ve got deals with local hotels, too — LRL is a true grassroots event (that’s why it’s five quid for a two day conference), so we don’t want to make it expensive, because people pay themselves. Your company probably won’t send you to LugRadio Live…but they should. You’ll find out more there than in a month of listening to people in suits. :) Anyway, come to LRL and be part of it. You can digg it, but more importantly tell your friends that you’re coming and get them to come too! You can pick one of the I’m coming to LugRadio Live buttons to put on your site, or design your own custom button if you don’t like ours! So…get involved! See you in July!


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