Aaron Bockover’s Gong-a-Thong Lightbulb Talk Extravaganza

The one, the only, Aaron Bockover points out how great LugRadio Live USA will be when it happens in just over two weeks. Modestly, though, he refrains from mentioning possibly the greatest part of it. Yes, this year, Aaron himself will be taking the prestigious role of orchestrating the Gong-a-Thong, a blizzard of incredibly short four-minute talks. Last year at LRL UK this went down really well — it’s a perfect opportunity for people who don’t normally get the chance to speak to stand up and talk for a few minutes about what they’ve been doing. (Incidentally, if you’re coming to LRL USA and you want to spend a few minutes wowing people with stuff, or mentioning your latest project, or ranting and waving your fists in the air about software patents or the bash shell or something, we want you to come and do it — contact us and let us know. Those of you who were at LRL UK, or have seen pictures, will now be grinning at the thought. You see, it’s called the Gong-a-Thong for a reason, and the reason is that the signal for the end of your talk is someone banging a big gong when time is up. And the person doing it, much like the guy at the beginning of the old Rank films, is all oiled up with a thong on. Jono’s got a bit more history on how he and I thought up the gong-a-thong, and he’s right about the sense of pride we felt last year. This year, Aaron has stepped forward to be the man with the beater and the shiny gold underwear. It’s gonna rock like Alcatraz.


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