Fix embedded YouTube videos for Gnash users

I use Gnash instead of Adobe Flash, because it’s open source, and because I largely don’t miss Flash. The one thing I would miss, though, is YouTube. However, Gnash (in Ubuntu gutsy), while it works fine at displaying videos on YouTube itself, doesn’t work on embedded videos (where someone puts the YouTube video on their own site). GreaseMonkey to the rescue; this very short GreaseMonkey user script simply replaces embedded YouTube videos with a big link to the appropriate YouTube page, so I can click through and watch the video. Only useful for people who are as lunatic as me about freedom but still like YouTube, which might be an audience of one. Clicking it should allow you to install it, if you’ve got GreaseMonkey installed already in Firefox; Epiphany users with GM enabled should right-click the link and say Install User Script. youtubepopout.user.js

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