Touchscreen on both sides

Someone should make a mobile phone which has a touchscreen on both sides (front and back), with one being the phone stuff and web browsing and the other side being music. If you get a move on you’ll be able to have it out by August when I need a new phone. Touchscreens make sense as an interface to me, despite what Nokia say and despite lack of tactile feedback. I don’t like my Nokia E50; it keeps running out of memory when I try and do things like play music and browse the web at the same time. Six months of research ahead, hooray; don’t want an OpenMoko Neo because the device itself is clumsy, don’t want an iPhone because I don’t like the restrictions, don’t want the LG Viewty because the OS is horrific, don’t want the Samsung Armani because I can’t read books on it or browse the web properly, blah blah blah. If I wasn’t so picky about this stuff then I’d be a lot better off. Android is coming, though, and the OpenMoko OS is coming too; might be possible to have an open source phone by August, if I’m lucky. Something to look forward to, there.

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