Epiphany download icon

Did you know that Epiphany puts a little icon in the notification area while it’s downloading stuff?

epiphany download icon

Well, you might have mentioned it to me, because I didn’t know. Anyway, that’s really cool. A couple of minor issues with it; firstly, the icon has a right-click menu with only one option, “Show downloads”. Since left-clicking the icon shows and hides the download window, I can’t think what the point of the right-click context menu is; surely right-click should just do the same thing as left-click? (Bug 508151 submitted.) Secondly, and not really an Epiphany problem; I’d love to see the “downloads” window go away, to be replaced by a “Downloads” folder which has Special Nautilus Magic when displayed. The folder could show partial downloads in progress, with how long there is to go, a clickable link to the page it was being downloaded from, etc, etc. This requires some heavy co-operation between Epiphany and Nautilus (although it might be doable as a Nautilus extension; having said this, I can’t find a way to add a top bar (like Deleted Items has or the CD burner has) to a Nautilus folder from an extension), and I’m certainly not the first person to suggest it, but I think it’d be deeply cool.

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