A little while ago I decided to try out Epiphany instead of Firefox as my main browser. It’s excellent. It’s a proper Gnome application, which Firefox isn’t — it just fits in to my desktop because it has a proper Gnome interface, and I really like that. It starts up and runs way faster than Firefox does; it doesn’t crash like Firefox does; it does everything. Huge applause for the Epiphany team, I say. Install the epiphany-browser package on Ubuntu to get it. It uses the same rendering engine as Firefox, so the whole web still works perfectly. I’ve heard a fair few people bitch about not having access to Firefox extensions, but, frankly, it turns out that I don’t actually need any of them. Epiphany actually comes with a load of extensions (install epiphany-extensions on Ubuntu to get them) and there are third-party extensions too if you like. I’ve changed my opinion on this; I did think that it was bad that extensions need to be written in C or Python rather than XUL/JavaScript, but hey. Of course, the one big missing thing for me, when I have my web hacker hat on, is Firebug, which is the greatest web development tool that’s ever existed. Wish that existed. Epiphany is also the default browser in the next release of Gobuntu, which is what I run, so I’d have been migrating to it anyway — it’s jolly pleasing to note that it’s actually better, too.

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