@media Ajax 2007

Finally returned from @media Ajax 2007, and I had a great time. I was a presenter, talking about How To Destroy The Web, which I thoroughly enjoyed doing. My slides are here:

slide 1

(in-line presentation made with a bodged version of John Resig’s easy PDF sharing, but using libpoppler’s pdf2ppm because libpoppler can read my PDF and GhostScript can’t, for whatever reason. You can also get the presentation as a PDF or see it on SlideShare if you’re a freedom-hating Flash person.) It was a great conference. Particular highlights for me were Derek Featherstone talking about accessibility (since I don’t know anything about it and I should do), being asked to be on the panel at the end (with Alex Russell (!) and Douglas Crockford (!!) and Brendan “inventor of JavaScript” Eich (!!!)), the coolness incarnate that is Firefox 3 and whizzy SVG stuff, having Chris Heilmann spend two days trying to convince me how nice London was even though it did nothing but piss rain solidly the whole time I was there, finally meeting John “Kelly Osbourne” Resig, and having a rather pregnant lady (who may have been this lady) tell me that my talk was so funny that she nearly gave birth during it. That’s not a compliment you hear every day, that one; I was pretty chuffed with that, I have to say. Thankyou! The usual suspects have photos on Flickr (tag seems to be “atmediaajax”); the wifi didn’t work (but it never does, at any conference); we’re discussing what (if anything) to do with the WaSP’s DOM Scripting Task Force (set up after @media 2005: the question is, do we still need a “task force”? Hasn’t DOM scripting now become part of the toolkit? It does still need to be used properly, in moderation, and not be critical for it to be present, but the concept doesn’t need evangelising any more, I don’t think); I shall be back for @media 2008. Great work Patrick and your orange-shirted helpers. Cheers to a cool bunch of people: it was great to catch up with Jeremy again, and having a beer with Drew and Rachel and Chris and ppk and Bruce and Harry and Alex and oh, just everyone is a good way to spend an evening. Maybe even more than one evening.

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