Cruciforum v1.11

I’ve fixed various things in Cruciforum and released a 1.11 version. In particular, there’s now Akismet integration to prevent spam. You can tell Cruciforum about your Akismet API key and then it’ll check new posts. There’s also a handful of other bugs fixed (see the bug list for details). Next step is OpenID integration. I’m pretty confused by where the current state of play of OpenID is, though; since cruciforum doesn’t have a database or maintain much state, it’d have to be what was originally called a “dumb” consumer. I don’t know whether you’re still allowed to be a dumb consumer, though, and I also don’t know which PHP OpenID library fits in best with Cruciforum’s (a) fairly minimal requirements and (b) single-file nature (which rules out the JanRain library, which is about forty files). The simple class at PHPClasses looks OK, but is it? Suggestions welcomed.

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