One Smoking Barrel

I’ve just released the latest episode of LugRadio, “Lock, Stock, and One Smoking Barrel“, which is the second episode of season five (five! still amazes me, that). We talked to Greg Kroah-Hartman about the Linux Driver Project, we ruminate about online office suites and whether they’re completely pointless, about another free software project which seems to be lost in space, and whether the open source community eats itself alive too much, which it does (as per discussions on Planets Gnome and Ubuntu passim). And, y’know, people write in to tell us we were wrong about things (thanks Gerv!) even though we clearly weren’t. You know the score! Interestingly, though, I’ve been poking through my logs for and associated mirrors. In the past, people have asked (repeatedly) for an estimate of how many people listen to the show, and I normally quote some figures I worked out a long time ago showing that between eight and twelve thousand people grab it every two weeks. For various reasons it’s quite difficult to get figures across our mirror network and RSS and so on, but I believe I’ve put these together properly. It looks like, since the old days when I worked those numbers out, it’s changed rather a lot. As far as I can tell, an “average” episode (if there is such a thing) of LugRadio has about 20,000 people listen to it, and the most popular episodes get somewhere around 30,000 listeners. Thirty thousand! Blimey. So, I would like to say thanks to those thirty thousand people: we love it, yes we do. Keep on doing what you do, and we’ll keep on doing what we do. Probably this is all explained by Bacon being the top of the Linux bloggers A-list, although I personally have my doubts about the methodology there (as does Don Marti, who did it). Then again, since I was sixth I can hardly complain too much. Don’t talk too much about the methodology; just let me enjoy the warm feeling, even if it is all built on mathematically dubious sand foundations. We march onward, indeed.

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