A few recent things

Haven’t posted much in the last few weeks: haven’t had much time. Random stuff I’ve read about that looks good.

  • The Fedora team are building an “experimental” desktop spin. This is a really, really cool idea. A chance to do cool stuff that people might not like but could be a radical improvement. I’ve talked on LugRadio in the past about how incremental improvement is safe and easy but won’t win the war, and this sort of experimentation is exactly what I think we need. Great idea, fedora team. I’d like to be involved but I’m worried I don’t have time.
  • Brad from LiveJournal posts a set of musings on portability of data between social networks, which has sparked lots of discussion on the associated mailing list.
  • Webilder automatically cycles your desktop background through pretty Flickr pictures. I’m using it. This is cool enough to freeze nitrogen.
  • Another Blender film. Excellent. I must pre-order this one. Hopefully this time it won’t be as weird as Weird Jack McWeird the Weird, like Elephant’s Dream was.
  • Luis Villa gives me a beating about regaining my respect for Mark Shuttleworth’s commitment to free software. I, personally, think that Gobuntu is not a stooge distro, but it remains to be seen whether it’s actually pushed as an important thing when gutsy is released or whether it’s buried in some back alley bit of the website. I agree totally about there being no Launchpad source, indeed. As to why Shuttleworth isn’t investing in OLPC, well…you can only do so much at once. OLPC are indeed building a free software laptop. On the other hand, it’s not a free software laptop that I, Stuart, will be able to buy; someone ought to be trying to persuade people to make existing Western laptops run only free software as well. OLPC is a valuable project, indeed, but it’s not the be-all and end-all. Whether the Ubuntu/Dell deal, etc, counts as doing this depends on your point of view.

Oh, and in a couple of days I go to Italy for a week (note to burglars: no I don’t). Sun, sea, sand, pizzas. I love Italy. I’ll be near Lake Garda; I would say that if anyone lives near there then I’d love to meet up, but I suspect I might get into some trouble from the family if I disappear to talk about LugRadio. Italian people, if you want to meet up anyway, let me know!

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