Guadec day 1

Well, I did my talk, on Jackfield and the web and the desktop. It went pretty well, I thought; a few people came up afterwards and said so, at least. Interesting chat with a guy from Novell about the nature of the web and the desktop and their relationship; very interesting news from Nokia about how Minimo (that is, Firefox for small screens) now runs on the N800, and would we see Jackfield there any time soon? That’s cool news, especially since I saw Lucas Rocha talk about the Hildon desktop (which is what runs on the Nokia N800) and it seems pretty interesting. (Ubuntu Mobile Edition is also running on Hildon, and that looks more interesting still.) Made the fatal error of going out in the evening with Bastian and a few others (was nice to meet Jon McCann!) The flaw with going out with Bastian is that I always end up in a really expensive restaurant and then I get drunk and this morning my head hurts. Good evening, though, especially since just before we ordered dinner in the (Italian) restaurant, they had a takeaway Chinese delivered for the staff! The chef spun a bunch of lines about how it’s from their sister restaurant, etc, etc, of course. Some fun had there, yes indeed. Best line of the night: “What do you do, then?” “I’m the Gtk maintainer.” “Oh. Is that all?” Now that my talk’s over, I can just enjoy the remainder of the conference, and record a LugRadio show or two. Should all be fun. I do like being at Guadec — lots of people I haven’t seen since last year. Plus, maybe I can convince one of them to give me a job in free software ;-) Roll on today — I’m at work in the mornings, and then at the conference in the afternoons. Today…not gonna drink as much, especially since I sunk the white off the black last night and so lost a game, even after Bastian used the number 3 as the cue ball. I hate everything.

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