LugRadio Live 2007: be there

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LugRadio Live 2007, the greatest open source event in the history of the universe, is four weeks from now, and…

Registration is now open!

You can register! You can come! Pay your fiver! We’ve got forty speakers in three talk tracks, Birds of a feather discussion sessions, an exhibition, and the most intelligent, best connected, most freedom-loving six hundred people in the world all in one venue for one weekend!

The video above is called The Freedom March: if you can’t see it, or you want to download it, or you want to put it on your blog and tell people about LugRadio Live, you can get it in Ogg Theora, mpeg, and mp4 formats from the Freedom March site. Go post it on your site; go digg it; go link to it; go tell it on the mountain. LugRadio Live is coming. Be there.

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