The end of an era

As you’ll find out if you listen to the next episode of LugRadio (released next Monday), Matt Revell is leaving LugRadio. He lays out his reasons, and they’re reasonable (as reasons ought to be). All I can say is: cheers, Matt. We had a great time, and the show wouldn’t be where it is without you. Best of luck with all the other cool stuff that you’re now moving on to, and welcome to Adam Sweet who now joins the team on a permanent basis. LugRadio listeners, prepare yourselves for more server stuff, less marketing stuff, more of Adam’s strangely attractive accent (according to the mailbox at LugRadio Towers, anyway), and many many fewer phrases in foreign languages. Certainly the average language ability across the team has dropped by a significant margin. Thanks for everything, Matt! We knew the two days. Matt says goodbye, and Adam says hello. Goodbye, mate.

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