Aquarius the Depressed

OK, which one of you shower of bastards is responsible for lj gingalingling, eh? I knew I’d get grief about getting a LiveJournal :-) Consider me subscribed; if I’m going to be depressed I’m surely better finding out about it through RSS than paying £200 an hour to a psychotherapist. Nonetheless, you should indeed come and cry with me at LugRadio Live!

Update: and Jono too! lj ilovemybeard says “there’s so many people here i can talk to about the community. it’s like communitising a community within a community using community tools to promote community tools.” Ho ho ho :-)

I'm currently available for hire, to help you plan, architect, and build new systems, and for technical writing and articles. You can take a look at some projects I've worked on and some of my writing. If you'd like to talk about your upcoming project, do get in touch.

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