fspot2lj - export F-Spot photos to your LiveJournal photo hosting

fspot2lj is for exporting your F-Spot photos to your LiveJournal photo hosting at pics.livejournal.com. It’s not yet finished, but it works well enough to have exported all my photos and resize them all to 800x600 at the same time. It pays attention to F-Spot tags and creates LiveJournal galleries from them. It uses my Fotobilder Python bindings (which come pckaged with it). You’ll also need Python, PyGtk, the Python SQLite bindings (which come with recent Pythons), the Python Imaging Library (called python-imaging under Ubuntu), and obviously you’ll need some photos in F-Spot. You can check it out from Subversion with svn checkout http://svn.kryogenix.org/svn/fspot2lj/trunk/ or download it. Bug reports and complaints in the comments here for now. And yes, I know it’s a bit slow at checking the uploads.

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