Die Broadcom

Why is it that when someone throws a free laptop in my direction it turns out to always have a Broadcom network card in it? For extra bonus credit this time this Dell Inspiron 5160 has two Broadcom cards in, one wired and one wireless. Neither of which work under Ubuntu 7.04 out of the box, so I’ve got my crappy ancient PCMCIA wired card poking out the side of it. Also, 256MB RAM, which ought to be a huge amount and instead is little enough that Gnome feels a bit sluggish despite the fact that you can store TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT MILLION BYTES just in memory and it’s still not enough and grnch grnch grnch. Broadcom are welcome to choke to death on my magnificent penis, by the way. In other news, now that I have this ancient NE2000-compatible PCMCIA thing plugged in, for the first time ever I have actually seen NetworkManager detect and use a network card correctly! I thought NM was a plot of some kind foisted upon me by people who I wronged in a previous life, but no, it actually works. Fuck me. No-one has sent me any interesting mail in the last few hours so now I have no reason to avoid this bit of work I have to do. Thanks for nothing, world. Someone tell me a joke or offer me a job or something. New fantastic luck from gedit, too, which seems to think that it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day and is therefore highlighting the word Arr in my code. STOP IT. GEdit decided to highlight the Arr in Array and the ay in Array in different colours. Ah no wait if I save it it goes away. I R teh win. Back to work. Descent into the maelstrom continues. Oh, and: free M J Ray LugRadio hatred for your viewing pleasure.

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