Ubuntu 7.10 to be properly Free (if you want)

Mark Shuttleworth:

Ubuntu 7.10 [the version about to go in development, due for release October 2007, codenamed “Gutsy Gibbon” - sil] will feature a new flavour - as yet unnamed - which takes an ultra-orthodox view of licensing: no firmware, drivers, imagery, sounds, applications, or other content which do not include full source materials and come with full rights of modification, remixing and redistribution. There should be no more conservative home, for those who demand a super-strict interpretation of the “free” in free software. This work will be done in collaboration with the folks behind Gnewsense.

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay! I’ll be able to use Ubuntu and not feel slightly bad about it, because it’ll no longer be a little bit pregnant but it’ll be the loveliness of Ubuntu, with all the care and attention paid to my experience as a user. There can be no better news. Good work, Mark S and the Ubuntu team. Those of you who are thinking “who the fuck cares?”, read my previous request for this to happen and particularly Freedom vs Features to find out why I care. You should also read Jono Bacon’s Features vs Freedom; if you fall on his side of the fence rather than mine, that’s fine, because in October we’ll both be able to be Ubuntu users without a problem. We can both be part of the conversation.

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