LugRadio and the LugRadio community

We’ve just released (delayed by a day, because it was Easter Monday, a bank holiday here in the UK) “I’ll have a P“, episode 16 of season 4 of LugRadio. In addition to some conversation about the Apple TV, an interview with Ian Murdock (of Debian fame, and latest Sun employee), and the PS3, we’re also focusing a bit more on technology rather than philosophical discussion (we like technology! plus, there are only so many times you can argue that free software’s a good idea :)), and talking about the LugRadio community. What would you like to see happen in the LR community, if you’re part of it? If you’re not part of it, why not? Tell us and we’ll listen. Oh, and listen to the show and then tell everyone else about it, too :-)

I'm currently available for hire, to help you plan, architect, and build new systems, and for technical writing and articles. You can take a look at some projects I've worked on and some of my writing. If you'd like to talk about your upcoming project, do get in touch.

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