This is not the way the web works

(08:06:18) mitch21en@[elided].com: Hello (08:06:26) Stuart Langridge: hello (08:06:27) mitch21en@[elided].com: This is Mitch (08:06:34) mitch21en@[elided].com: I want to trade links with you (08:07:33) Stuart Langridge: I don’t do link trading, I’m afraid. (08:07:48) mitch21en@[elided].com: What? (08:07:59) mitch21en@[elided].com: We are site realted (08:08:01) mitch21en@[elided].com: related (08:08:10) mitch21en@[elided].com: Here is my site (08:08:20) mitch21en@[elided].com: \ UK Garmin GPS, armin avionics, bose headsets, aviation GPS, aviation safety equipment (08:08:29) mitch21en@[elided].com: Your link will be hosted here: (08:08:38) mitch21en@[elided].com: http://[elided]/ (08:09:09) Stuart Langridge: I have nothing to do with garmins or GPS. (08:15:01) mitch21en@[elided].com: ok (08:15:05) mitch21en@[elided].com: Thanks for your tiem

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