The web giveth, and the web taketh away

The WHAT-WG have been putting together specifications for a new version of HTML, to avoid the stagnation of the W3C. (Recently, the W3C seem to be responding to that by setting up their own working group, and you can be a part of that process; the WHAT-WG is already open to the public). Lots of interesting things happening there, but two recently show the two sides of the web, good and bad. First, you can embed video into Internet Explorer without using object or embed, using HTML+TIME, a really interesting open W3C standard that no-one else ever bothered to implement (like VML, really). Cool technique, and another example of how the Microsoft IE team do interesting stuff and don’t just try and screw up the web. We have to remember this when preaching the new standards orthodoxy. And then, over on the dark side, Apple are asserting patent rights over the canvas element, which they invented and the WHAT-WG have included in their proposal for a new HTML. Microsoft doing cool exciting and innovative stuff; Apple using bully-boy legal tactics to shut down innovation. Funny how the wheel turns, isn’t it?

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