LugRadio season 4 episode 12

The LugRadio team proudly presents The importance of being critical, episode 12 of season 4 of LugRadio. Those of you who are already part of the LugRadio community will of course know about this, but those of you who come here for web stuff rather than Linux stuff may be interested in the big discussion in this show about web applications, desktop applications, why use one rather than the other, and me ranting about what “progressive enhancement” means. In particular, I’d be interested in comments on any full-on web apps that genuinely use progressive enhancement techniques, in that they work with simple or text-only or mobile browsers but provide a better experience to those people with modern ones, and they do something actually proper. I spoke about using progressive enhancement to improve existing apps a little, but was challenged to name a full-on app doing something complex like Google Spreadsheets that would work without Ajax, and couldn’t do so. Help appreciated.

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