LugRadio Live 2007

Let the celebrations commence! Let fireworks rain from the skies! Lock up your daughters! Throw open your patio doors and cry to the night, because

LugRadio Live 2007 is happening!

Yes, on the 7th and 8th July 2007, in the Lighthouse Media Centre, Wolverhampton, UK, the world’s greatest open source event is back for another thundering year. You can go and look at the new LRL07 site to find out more. Registration for tickets isn’t yet open: what’s important right now is that we have a Call For Papers. If you’re interested in speaking at LugRadio Live, and following in the footsteps of web gods like Simon Willison and Drew McLellan or software gods like Matthew Garrett and Mike Hearn or philosophical gods like Simon Phipps and Mark Shuttleworth, then we want to hear from you! Go look at the Call For Papers page to find out how to contact us; if you’ve got something cool you want to demo, or some software to show off, or something you want to talk about, then call us. Plus, if you don’t like the site design then it’s my fault, so blame me and not the rest of the LR team :-) This year’s going to be bigger and better and more exciting than previous years, and it’s still a fiver for two solid days of unreal entertainment, talks, BOFs, demos, beer, and a live LugRadio recording. Get stuck in! We’re also interested in people who might want to join the crew. Being in the crew means that you (a) get to take orders (b) fetch and carry stuff (c) get a really cool and exclusive t-shirt (d) feel a sense of warmth and well-being at being a key part of the LugRadio community and (e) get in free. If you’re interested in being part of the crew, drop us a mail! Prepare yourselves. Only 149 days to go!

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