Truprint Firefox extension

Truprint, a photo processing firm in the UK, have leapt into the digital world with both feet (as have all the other photo processors) by allowing you to upload digital photos to their website for printing as actual real photos, which they’ll then send back to you. We’ve always used Truprint, and last night we thought we’d try out this new upload-and-print-out thing, what with all our cameras now being digital. I was surprised and pleased to discover that, to upload to their site, they provide a little tool called QuickUpload. But it’s not an ActiveX control; it’s not a Windows-specific application. It’s a Firefox extension! They do have an ActiveX one for IE users, but they’re also supporting Firefox. Bloody well done Truprint. This sort of thing should be applauded. I have mailed them to tell them so. I also mailed them to mention that the extension said it’d take 10 minutes to upload our photos and it actually took two hours, but hey, all software’s got bugs.

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