OpenID enabled for commenting

OK, I believe you can now use your OpenID to comment here, if you have one. I used the Wordpress OpenID plugin by Hans to make it happen, and I have to applaud him on how easy it was to implement. I personally had to add the OpenID login box to my theme pages myself, because they’re extensively customised, but I just followed the README and it explained it in perfect detail. If you’re using a theme that resembles the Wordpress default then apparently it all Just Works for you, which is even nicer. Oh, and I stole the description of what an OpenID is from Simon. Nice one Simon. It’s good, this OpenID stuff. I’m going to do more with it. (Update: originally I was worried that OpenID commenting here wouldn’t work properly with the comment editing that I’ve recently built, but I’ve since fixed that. Comment away, with OpenID or not, and edit your comments as you please.)

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