Quick Jackfield update

Not much news on Jackfield at the moment, because I’ve been highly tied up with Jokosher and a few other things, but I thought I ought to note that I’m aware that people want to see it. I was actually quite surprised; most people who expressed a preference either by mail or by comment as to what they’d like to see me talk about at SkyCon said Jackfield. At the moment, I’m trying to get it to work across different D-Bus versions, which is fiddly and awkward. I’ve also been nudged about integrating it with Beryl. I like the idea of this, but I can’t do that work; I don’t have accelerated 3D, so no compiz or beryl for me. If someone else wants to look at that I’d be quite happy to talk about how I see the integration working, but making Jackfield operate properly with software I don’t have isn’t all that high on my priority list :-)

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