The Jokosher Solar System

Last night myself and Jono were invited to West Yorkshire Linux User Group to talk about Jokosher. We did it in three sections: Jono spoke about the origins of the project and where it’s going next, we did a very quick demo so people could see what it looked like, and I did a section. My section was named “Jokosher Solar System“, and it was about all the other sub-projects that are part of the Jokosher universe but aren’t the audio editor itself. We’ve got a website, some discussion forums, documentation, bug tracking, and loads of other things. The point behind it all was that, although most of our development effort goes into Jokosher itself, you need all these other supporting projects going on in order to turn it from a good bit of software into a good bit of software that people can use. We’ve tried hard, and are still trying hard, to foster a community around Jokosher; there are dozens, hundreds, of projects out there on SourceForge or wherever which seem good but never got anyone using them, because they didn’t know about them or they had nowhere to file a bug or no way of talking to the developers or to other users of the project. This sort of thing is really important, and we’re concentrating on it. If you’re the sort of person who might eventually be a hacker on Jokosher, you could go through the following process: finding out about it → using ittalking about itfiling bugs about it or requesting new featurescontributing to the documentationrunning the bleeding-edge versionwriting a Jokosher Extension → making changes to code → becoming part of the development team No-one is expected to do that, not at all, and you don’t in any way have to do it in that order, but we really want to make it easy for people to take that next step up, to go from being a Jokosher user to becoming part of the Jokosher community, and then to helping to improve Jokosher for the next release if they want to go that far. Anyway, the presentation. It’s called Jokosher Solar System, and you can view it in your web browser (thanks to S5). I’d be happy to come and tell other people about all the stuff around Jokosher (or anything else you want me to talk about); just contact me for details.

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