Speaking at Skycon

As mentioned a few days ago, the LugRadio team are going to be at SkyCon in Limerick in February 2007. Since we’re there anyway, they asked me if I’d like to do a talk. I said I was happy to, and they asked me to choose a subject. Now, those of you who read this a lot will have noticed that the stuff I write about tends to be a mix of Linux and the web, and a mix of hard technical information and windy philosophising. So, that suggests something of a framework. If I were speaking somewhere and you were attending, what would you like to see me talk about? It strikes me that the talk could be about Linux or the web, and be either technical of philosophical. Your combinations therefore break down as something like:

The web + technical
This would likely be heavily DOM Scripting focused; JavaScript’s a growth area and it’s What I Do to a large extent. Think of this as something along the lines of bits of DHTML Utopia in talk format.
The web + philosophical
Where’s the web going? What’s the best way to use all this Ajax technology? What’s on the horizon? Why are we wasting web technology? That sort of thing.
Linux + technical
This’d likely focus on some bit of Linux software I write, like Jackfield or Jokosher; technical detail again of how we did the Extension API in Jokosher, for example, or a demo of Jackfield and what’s coming up for it, or some other bit of software I participate in.
Linux + philosophical
This is the sort of thing we talk about on LugRadio a lot. How’s the Linux desktop shaping up? Where does it need to go to be better? What’s the vision for the future? Why should you care?

What would you like to see me talk about? Maybe it’s something completely different to everything above. Post your comments now!

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