Jokosher Next

Yesterday we had a Jokosher developers meeting to work out what should be worked on for the next release. After some boisterous discussion we’ve got a list of specifications for it! I’m avoiding making reference to a version number for Jokosher Next because it’s still unclear whether it’s 0.3 or 0.9 or 1.0. I’m pretty excited about the feature list: we’ll have better installation (we know that the current installation stuff is a bit of a pain, even given the magic runscript for Ubuntu) when we don’t require CVS GStreamer (and I need to talk to the autopackage guys), and we’ll have mixdown profiles. I’ve started drafting a spec for mixdown profiles, which will be refined by Lots O’People before it gets implemented, but this is another thing which will fulfil Jokosher’s promise to do stuff and be really usable at the same time. It’s gonna be exciting. We got some good press for the 0.2 release, although there are still (amazingly) a few bugs with it, and I intend to put out a new version of the runscript to make installation on Ubuntu better. This next release doesn’t contain much wild-and-crazy new stuff, but it should get even more usable and have fewer bugs. Something that’d be highly cool, if you’re interested in getting involved with Jokosher and you can write, is to help us with documenting it. We’ve got a user documentation area at, which is there so you can write down the stuff that you do with Jokosher and fix any problems you found with the manual. Take a look, and write up what you do, or make the manual better, and you’ll likely end up as part of the Jokosher doc team!

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