Total service capability deliverers

We bought some furniture from Ikea and opted to have it delivered. The firm who handle the delivery are called NightFreight, and they don’t answer their phone. So a quick trip to their website was in order, where I discovered: > Unlike rival organisations, Nightfreight uniquely provides a total > service capability encompassing every delivery opportunity from single > parcels to complex logistics solutions across a growing B2B and B2C > client base. This comprehensive service is achieved by harnessing its > extensive nationwide network resources to handle everything from > overnight satchels, packages, pallets - IDW (irregular dimension and > weight) freight to dedicated supply chain management for multi-outlet > high street retail stores through to large industrial groups. By > integrating its service offering to meet customers’ specific needs > Nightfreight is unprecedented in its ability to bring added value and > cost efficient solutions to practically every requirement >


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