Langridge family member turns out to be musical: film at 11

Niamh has started piano lessons at school! And she seems to be able to do it! This is remarkable. I have the musical ability of a rubber hammer, and Sam is (if this were possible) even worse than me. My parents are utterly unmusical. Sam’s parents are. (Sam’s brother was in a metal band, but (a) he was a drummer, which requires no real musical ability and (b) they were a metal band, which doesn’t require musical ability either.) Now I need to get the piano tuned, since it’s supposed to sound like a mellifluous and beautiful instrument and it actually sounds like someone’s dropped a load of cymbals when you play it. Niamh is having to practice only on the bottom couple of octaves, which seem to be less out of tune than the rest. Anyone got any good recommendations for piano tuners in the Midlands who won’t charge me a fortune? Bonus points if they fulfil the cliche by being blind.

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