Jokosher freeze

Well, Jokosher is frozen for 0.2. All the features that are going in are now in, and the next two weeks are for art, documentation, and bugfixes before the release. This is quite exciting; 0.2 is actually, I believe, properly usable (although it’s still not as comprehensive as some competitors) in a way that 0.1 (which was really a technology demo) was not. I particularly like the extensions code, from a technical point of view, although obviously actually playing music is rather more important. Things I intend to work on in the next couple of weeks:

  • The simple bug submitter on the Jokosher website, so people can submit Jokosher bugs (at the moment they can’t submit them directly to us because we’ve turned off anonymous submission and account signup on our bugtracker to prevent spam)
  • Documentation on how to write a Jokosher extension

Some sort of official writeup of what 0.2 does will be coming (although it’ll be on

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