Fonts and xchat

Couple of outstanding things: Are you annoyed by how xchat-gnome in edgy hangs for ages when you connect to a server, because it’s popped up the channel list? Yeah, so am I. Set it to auto-join a channel (doesn’t matter which one, so make one up if you want) in Edit > Preferences > Networks > (network) > Edit > User and Channels and it’ll stop doing it. David Trowbridge and the xchat-gnome people are aware of how annoying this is and they’re doing something about it. Are you also annoyed by having blurry anti-aliased TTF fonts* in gnome-terminal? The font I really like for terminal windows is ProFont, which looks really, really clear at tiny sizes like 7pt, because it’s a bitmapped font (also called a PCF). Normally, you make a font available to your apps by dropping it in the .fonts folder*, but bitmapped fonts aren’t enabled by default. From a terminal, run sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig-config on edgy (that might be just sudo dpkg-reconfigure fontconfig on other distros or dapper), and go through the questions (choosing the default answers), but tell it that you want to enable bitmapped fonts when it asks. Then download the ProFont (bitmap font) for Linux/UNIX (new version) and put the .pcf files in your .fonts folder in your home directory (which you might have to create). You’ll have to restart any terminals you have open, but then ProFont will be available for you to use as a font (and in all your other apps too).

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