LinuxWorld UK

I couldn’t make it down to LinuxWorld UK this year, but two cool things happened there. First thing: there was a Jokosher stand in the .org village! People had lots of questions about what Jokosher is going to be able to do, and I’m inordinately proud that we had people there pushing the Good Word Of The J. You just wait. It’s gonna rock like nothing you’ve ever seen. The only bigger rock will be the Moon. There are pictures of the stand, including Dave Morley having to explain to a guy from Zend that yes, we give it away rather than sell it. Amazing. The second thing: the Best Open Source Marketing Campaign trophy at the UK Linux & Open Source Awards 2006 went to… LugRadio Live 2006! We are better marketers than Ubuntu! Rock, again! Jono collected the trophy for us (Matt has more detail on why we didn’t go, but briefly because it was £120 per ticket!) since he was there anyway, what with being a judge. Nice one Bacon. Don’t think that this means that it lives on your mantlepiece, though :)

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