Review of Run Your Own Webserver using Linux and Apache

There’s a nice complimentary review of my second book, Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache, in issue 69 of Linux Magazine. The review itself (warning: PDF) says

Then it occurred to me that this book is not intended as a book for a seasoned Apache administrator. The book is written for people who, probably for the first time, have decided to take advantage of the power of both Linux and Apache and set up a web server on their own… [W]hen viewing this book in the light of its true target audience, I consider it a great piece of work. If you are just starting out with building an Apache web server on Linux, this is the book for you.

That’s exactly what we were aiming for. The review author, James Mohr, has hit the nail precisely on the head. The audience for the book, the typical use case, was someone who knows something about computers, maybe does a bit of admin on a couple of Windows boxes in their organisation, and wants to set up a Linux server on a piece of kit they’ve found in the basement to try it out, to see what all the fuss is about, and to see if it’ll help their organisation. The idea is that someone like that hears about Linux, wants to give it a shot to see if it’ll do what they want without having to go and buy an expensive server and another Windows licence, and wanders into a bookshop to grab a book explaining it. When they do that and see a book called “Run Your Own Web Server Using Linux & Apache”, they’ll (hopefully) think “aha! that’s what I want to do!” and find the book useful. Looks like we got the pitch about right.

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