Looking at rawdog

Well, I’ve finally got hacked off with Google Reader (not least because I am sick of Ajax loading screens), and started looking around for my own feed reader. (I did this before, but now I’m going to do it properly.) I don’t like gregarius, after trying it, and I remembered that rawdog popped up in a search I did once because it has a plugin that uses templates from my old weblogging system, Vellum. So, I thought I’d give it a shot. It looks good so far; fulfils the few requirements I have for this sort of thing, which are:

  1. Heavily customisable
  2. Written in Python, so I can actually do the customisation
  3. Doesn’t require a database server

I intend to try and document what I do to Rawdog to get it to be the aggregator that I really want. First job, though, is to get all my feeds imported into it. I’ve been chatting to Adam Sampson, the rawdog author, about it and a few things that it can do, and something that’s missing is an OPML import. If you’ve got an OPML file, you can import it into rawdog with a (fairly complex) Python and bash one-liner as follows, where feeds.opml is the OPML you’ve exported from your existing aggregator: for f in $(python -c "from xml.dom import minidom; dom=minidom.parse('feeds.opml'); print ' '.join([x.getAttribute('xmlUrl') for x in dom.getElementsByTagName('outline')])"); do rawdog -v -a $f; done

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