Men With Bigger Romans

Last weekend the Gentlemen’s Philosophical Society of Elvet travelled to York for the Men With Bigger Romans tour, this year’s installment of the Men With Big (Stones | Thrones | Moans) holiday fact-finding field trip extravaganza series. It was glorious. I have discovered that York Brewery make excellent beer, that Sp. Manlius Fronto (or Tim to his friends) is better at Smuggle (caveat PDF) than I am, even if you steal half his money while he’s in the toilet, and that the Romans left a lot of stuff lying around the lovely city of Eboracum before they ran off to become the Byzantine Empire. Gn. Quinctilius Praetextatus took some pictures of the GPSoE in his official role as secretary of the Society, so good work fella. We’re doing this again next year.

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