Extremely noddy TortoiseSVN for the Gnome desktop

I use the Nautilus Subversion scripts to manage my Subversion working copies all the time. The big thing that they’re missing is TortoiseSVN’s pretty icons that get displayed on each file so you can tell at a glance whether a file has been changed or not. Well, that sort of thing is also possible, because you can write Nautilus extensions in Python. Grab my svnemblem script and drop it in .nautilus/python-extensions in your home directory. You’ll need to restart Nautilus to make this work (which basically means logging back out and in again) and you’ll need the Python Subversion bindings (package python-subversion in Ubuntu: not pysvn, which is package python-svn) and the Python Nautilus bindings (Ubuntu: python-nautilus). You can test it’s working by running TMPDIR=<some temporary directory, not /tmp> nautilus --no-desktop <path to an SVN working copy dir>. (thanks to Xalior for help with testing) Update: there is something of a problem, in that the emblems don’t update if you change anything. This seems to be because once Nautilus has been into a folder once, it doesn’t call the extension when you go in there a second or subsequent times, even if you hit Reload. I don’t know whether this is fixable or not at the moment; I’ll try and look into it. Any suggestions gratefully accepted!

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