LugRadio Live and Unleashed 2006

At LugRadio Live 2006, we recorded a live show for the second time (the first being at LugRadio Live 2005). That show is now available for download in both audio and video formats. Go thou and get LugRadio Live and Unleashed 2006. This is the last show of season 3 of LugRadio. We’re returning in September, after the summer break (so we all get a holiday). I want to say a big thanks to everyone who turned up to LRL2006 this year and made this live show such fun to record, and an even bigger thanks to all the people out there who listen to LugRadio and keep us going with emails of thanks or criticism or participation on the forums or any one of a dozen other things. Next season will be even better, and it’ll be here in a month. Get your earphones on, and enjoy the live show!

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