9 days to go

There are nine days to go until LugRadio Live 2006. Blimey. We’re pretty much sorted now; lots of things are coming together, with a few frantic phone calls. There will be a few cool surprises there, we hope, along with the comprehensive speakers list and the massive expo and the party and everything else. If you haven’t yet bought a ticket, it’s not too late; go thou and register. You can pay on the door if you need to, but paying in advance means you can swan in easily and you have the satisfaction of turning up knowing you’ve supported LRL. We recorded the last “ordinary” LugRadio of this season last night, and it’ll be out on Monday; the next and last show in this season will be LugRadio Live and Unleashed, the live show at LRL. Any suggestions for stuff you’d like us to talk about will be warmly entertained on the LR forums. It’s really nice that there are people out there who aren’t really into Linux but like the show anyway. If you’re in that position, then you’ll also really enjoy LugRadio Live; come along and hoist a pint with us! 9 days. Blimey.

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