More Jokosher infrastructure

We’re working on quite a few things for the new website. The goal is to make it a really good and useful, as well as pretty, site for the project. I personally have taken a tip or two from Drew McLellan’s talk about creating an open-source project’s website at LugRadio Live 2005, and both Jono and I have a pretty clear picture of how it should be. Fortunately, we have some good designers on the team who have helped some with the visual impact; it’s quite pretty, I think, but more importantly I think it’s clear and clean and useful. We plan to integrate quite a few things into it; discussion fora, a really easy way for people to submit bugs or problems with or suggestions for Jokosher, and somewhere they can get immediate online help (using cgi:irc to connect them directly to the Jokosher IRC support channel without them having to know what IRC is). The Doc Team are doing a great job putting together documentation for Jokosher. Docs are massively and critically important to projects; not a very boring reference manual, but walkthroughs and screencasts and things you actually need. Jokosher is not going to be one of these projects which is documented in irc and people’s blogs. It’s all starting to come together ready for the 0.1 release at LugRadio Live 2006. The goal for 0.1 is that you ought to be able to record and edit a simple composition in it. From there, we have big plans for 0.2, a possible 0.3 release, and the mighty 1.0. Bring it on.

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