A few notes on installing Jackfield

First: Jackfield is not ready yet. You are welcome and encouraged to download the code and have a play with it, but it’s for hackers at this stage, not for users. Anyway, that aside, a note or two on how to get it running. First, don’t download the tarball: instead, check the code out of my subversion repository at http://svn.kryogenix.org/svn/jackfield/trunk/. Secondly, the code pretty much assumes at this stage that it’s being run on my machine. You want to edit Control.py and change WIDGET_DIRS so that it points at the directory with the widgets in it. Thirdly, if you’re using this on Dapper, there’s a bug with gtkmozembed; the LD_LIBRARY_PATH stuff below gets around this bug. Fourthly, it can be run in one of two ways. You can start the Jackfield icon bar with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/firefox python jackfield/Control.py start showing (if you’ve got it checked out in a directory called “jackfield”, or you can start an individual widget with LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/firefox python jackfield/Widget.py /path/to/WidgetDir/. These hints should be enough to get you started. Let me know if they are not! (They’ll go into a readme file in the project at some point, but I want to make it easier to run this stuff first.)

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