At Guadec

We’re at Guadec! The mighty and great LugRadio team have put out the first of five daily episodes of LugRadio while we’re here. Recorded (mostly) in Jokosher, too! It’s been rather cool indeed. I did my Jackfield lightning talk and didn’t die on my arse, which cheers me up quite a bit. There are some real coding powerhouses here, too. Edward Hervey’s a mighty cool guy in person, despite his beard, and the Fluendo chaps are just quality. I say this because we partied hearty on the beach last night until 4am on their dime, with a free bar. Very pissed. Very pissed. And got a lift home with a lunatic Frenchman. Quality. Many photos around: Paul’s are on flickr and Jono has a load. It’s pretty cool to see how many people have at least heard of LugRadio, too. The Jokosher talk may have helped with that; certainly it has excited interest in Jokosher! I’m having a great time here, I have to say. The restaurants are for shit, mind. Bah. Ade is especially unimpressed, since “I am a vegetarian” here means “I eat fish, and I don’t mind getting some fish in my dinner even if I specifically ask to not have any meat or fish of any kind”. On the other hand, a random bloke selling sunglasses on the street did accuse Jono of looking like Ali Baba, so it’s not all bad. Jono Bacon looks like Ali Baba. Niamh and Sam would love it here, I think, except for the food. I think we should come to Spain. Not this year, though, ‘cos this year we’re going to Caorle in Italy again! It’s fascinating seeing all this stuff getting done. Daniel Holback decided to package Jokosher for Ubuntu and did it during Jono’s Jokosher talk. You don’t get that at other technical conventions. Oh, and there was another guy here with an atmedia2006 bag! After the minor awkwardness where I thought he’d stolen my laptop, he turned out to be a cool guy. This is, of course, because he liked the JavaScript panel that I was on. Good work, fella. Right, less writing about fun and more actual fun for me, I think. Listen out for the second day’s LugRadio tomorrow!

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