Ordering stuff from the internet

A friend of mine relates this story that recently happened. Names have been changed to protect the incompetent and the guilty :-) Friend: Please can I have 1 \$ITEM. Equipment supplier website: No problem; it’ll be in the post. (time passes) (parcel arrives) Friend: good lord, I ordered 1 \$ITEM and they’ve sent me a lot more than that of them. How lucky for me! (time passes) Equipment supplier: We sent you too many \$ITEMS. Give them back! Friend (with glint in eye): How many too many did you send me? Equipment supplier: \<tumbleweed> Friend: How many too many? Equipment supplier: \<tumbleweed> Friend (slightly testily): How many too many? Equipment supplier: We sent you one too many; you ordered 1 \$ITEM and we sent you two. Friend: Oops! What a silly mistake to make. Here, have the extra one back. Ahaha. I’m never that lucky!

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