Deskbar applet to search Python GStreamer documentation

Deskbar already has an excellent example plugin to search the PyGtk documentation. Since I’ve been working on Jokosher, which is a PyGtk app, I use it all the time. It’d be useful if it also searched the GStreamer Python bindings documentation as well, and now my version does. Go and grab pygtkapi and drop it into your .gnome2/deskbar-applet/handlers folder (and restart Deskbar by removing it from the panel and readding it, or logging out and back in) to have it work. Just type the name of a Gst object and you’ll be able to link directly to the page describing it. (Note that some of the pages may not yet exist, but that’s because Gian Mario Tagliaretti is still working hard on the docs for the Python GStreamer bindings.)

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