More Jokosher hacking

Bit busy for posting at the moment, as may be apparent, but I am pleased that I actually got to hack on Jokosher last night! We now have one mixing view rather than two separate ones, which is nice. The audio engine issues seem to be being resolved with a combination of us guys and the GStreamer guys and the GNonlin guys, so everyone’s a winner. Big thanks to bilboed and wim in particular, there. GStreamer’s just got so much promise; it’s normally clear, if we hit a problem with it in Jokosher, what that problem is and roughly what would need to be done to fix it. (Well, it’s clear at a high level: “make the adder correctly mix streams”. I couldn’t actually write the code to do that in a thousand years; I leave that up to hyper-clever people like wim and bilboed and uraeus.) It’s nice, I think, that Jokosher’s exercising bits of GStreamer that weren’t previously being touched much. It needs this kind of multi-project usage to make it into a true media framework (as opposed to, say, a media player framework), and I have to say that the gst chaps have been pretty helpful. Wouldn’t hurt for more people to pay attention in #gstreamer, mind. :)

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