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More from Stuart’s House Of Deskbar Stuff: Gmail Deskbar. A Gnome deskbar plugin to search all your mail at Gmail. Grab Gmail Deskbar for yourself now! Edit (as described below) and save into .gnome2/deskbar-applet/handlers. Notes: The plugin requires libgmail: install from your distribution (it’s python-libgmail in Ubuntu) or from You will need to edit the plugin and hardcode your Gmail username and password into it; look at the file and edit the part at the top where username and password are specified. Yes, this is not good. I would like to use the Gnome keyring to store the username and password, but it’s restricted to internal use for the Gnome desktop and not for applications, and it’s not available for Python anyway. As soon as it’s a public API and wrapped for Python I’ll be happy to use it. If you’re not happy with hardcoding your password, and I don’t blame you, then feel free to not use it. Like Delicious Deskbar, it demonstrates how to embed your own custom icon in a plugin rather than depending on an external file; convert it to an XPM with the Gimp and then embed in the file. Let me know if it works for you. Update: licenced under the GNU GPL version 2.0.

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